About Us

1 Point System

At 1 Point System, we use our imminent, facts and countrywide resources to make incomparable connections every day by providing you a full continuum of IT staffing services countrywide to organizations that necessitate on-demand scientific expertise. Working with us gives you instantaneous access to highly practiced, pre-evaluated expertise professionals for any kind of IT hiring need.

Our mission is to help our customer’s source and employ the most competent IT professionals, and to offer those candidates with the best job opportunities in their relevant fields. We associate with your human resources and /or IT managers to develop the effectiveness of your employment processes. Our ability to source and recruit advanced technical talent is rivaled only by our deep dedication to servicing our client’s recruitment needs. We strive to make a distinction ourselves by providing a level of service beyond compare in the industry.

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Our services may be technical, but our approach is personal. We follow the steps to provide best resources for excellent work on the basis of the ideas of leaders and managers at every company we work with. We managed our recruiting team depending on understanding of the IT recruiting industry’s best practices. We talk to as many people as we can in the IT community so we can deliver on the best solutions and provide the best resources throughout the country. Our success is measured by your performance. The gains you make in productivity and efficiency from using our services are what drive us.

Staff Augmentation

We are dedicated to provide IT services using latest technologies & trends. We offer our Staff Augmentation & IT consulting to all our clients across country with our highly skilled consultants having vast experience in their relevant fields. We connect the best Information Technology Talent with leading companies across the country in contract, contract-to-hire and direct-hire positions. Our goal is to make you better at what you do. So our site is designed to provide our partners with information, resources and thought leadership. We encourage you to visit our client, talent and affiliate areas to learn more about how we can help you. We founded as, and remains, a technology company. This focus ensures that all of our partners benefit from our understanding of how technology is used in a range of industries, and our ability to get beyond keywords to fully understand Candidate's capabilities and match those to Client's needs. We work to find a hidden talent for you. We leverage this subject matter expertise to source and place technology talent with businesses ranging from innovative start-ups to established industry leaders that include vast range of big and small scale clients.

We Offer

  • IT Contract Staffing
  • IT Contract to hire Staffing
  • IT Direct hire staffing

Professional IT Consulting

We have excellent industry experience, extensive customer and consultant-focused research, and been associated with top industry leaders to form a best in house consulting team, who they are always there to help you overcome talent acquisition challenges currently facing the IT industry and learn effective IT personnel management strategies. We always interested in building professional relationships with independent consultants. Our large client base means that qualified consultants will have access to a steady stream of interesting and challenging projects across a variety of industries and in all parts of the U.S. If you are an experienced and talented professional consultant apply for positions via our website so that we can begin the process of matching your unique skills and abilities with available positions today.

Training & Placement

We want you to be educated and prepared for next level. Our company provides IT Training and computer education in almost all Programming, software and networking applications. It distinguishes itself from others through a quality of education, engineered by a dexterous mix of established teaching ideologies, modern methodologies and technically qualified instructors. We make learning an enjoyable as well as a rewarding experience. Our company always emphasizes on excellence. For students who those are exploring their future in IT technologies, we are a learning ground, an opportunity for growth, a milestone in the career graph and a substantial stair on the ladder. We are very selective and opt for only those who have the competence to absorb and bring to good use of new technologies, tools, and delivery techniques to serve our customers better. Our approach to provide high quality of the training to make Educated and prepared for best. We provide Training & Placement in vast range of current and market touching technologies.