Welcome to 1 Point System LLC, where we are dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare services.
Our mission is to promote health and wellness in our community through expert medical care and patient education.

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What Makes 1 Point System LLC Nurse Staffing Agency
Unique in Healthcare Staffing Solutions

1 Point System LLC is beyond AI and ML when it comes to Healthcare Staffing Solutions Because, it’s about life –

People are organizations’ most critical assets. We all have heard the saying – the right people, in the right place, at the right time.
Team 1 Point System LLC helps you meet your nursing staffing objectives with a broad
spectrum of recruitment solution services customized to meet your goals.

At 1 Point System LLC, we analyse important data points to ensure
the effective distribution of nurses in your organization.

Understanding needs

We help you understand your workforce’s needs and create a happy and cohesive team.

Using Technology

With maximum use of technology and data science, our healthcare staffing consulting experts provide a tailored solution for your nursing staffing demand.

Providing training and coaching

Our nursing staff experts conduct training sessions for the nurses dedicated to serving society.


We create channels for effective communication between employees and management.

Building connection

With the appropriate connections, we have the most diverse pool of nursing staff ready to help organizations mankind.



The Travel division's focus on allowing healthcare professionals to broaden their career experiences in different cities is a key selling point. This not only speaks
to the potential benefits for nurses and allied professionals in terms of career
growth and exposure to diverse healthcare settings but also addresses
the staffing requirements of healthcare facilities across various locations

Local Contract

The focus on enjoying the benefits of contract work while staying close to home is likely to resonate with individuals who value both professional flexibility and proximity to their local communities.
For those looking to start their career or make a transition to a leading healthcare facility, the local contract option with 1 Point System LLC seems to provide a supportive and strategic entry point.


The mention of having different facilities with permanent positions in various locations suggests a wide range of opportunities for individuals to choose from based on their preferences and career goals. This flexibility can be advantageous for healthcare professionals who may be looking to explore new locations or specific types of healthcare settings.
By offering support in the job search process, 1 Point System LLC seems to be aiming to allow individuals to focus on what's important to them, whether it's their skills, career aspirations, or personal priorities.


Why Choose 1 Point System LLC Services for Healthcare Staffing?

Team 1 Point System LLC helps you meet your healthcare staffing objectives by analyzing important data points to ensure the effective deployment of nurses in your organization. We, as a healthcare staffing agency, aim to provide a broad spectrum of medical recruitment agency services customized to meet your goals in medical staffing.

Why should a company choose to partner with a health care staffing firm?

When you hire a reputable healthcare staffing agency, you leverage its proven track record of success to execute the talent acquisition process for your organization. By hiring a health care staffing firm, you ensure hiring the best and brightest talents in the field.